Monday, 19 March 2012

Who we are...

Welcome to the new Reimer blogspot! To those who are joining us for the first time, we want to give you all a brief overview of who we are.

Joel and I have separately served in SEA as single missionaries prior to marrying October 2011.

Joel spent five years attending bible school and serving in Thailand through his early 20s, and then followed God’s call to Poi Pet, Cambodia to begin church planting. He faithfully served for five years in Cambodia, planting and then growing the local church in Poi Pet while discipling the new believers there. Joel’s passion is to see new believers understand and live out God’s plan for their lives, evangelism and music ministry.

After many short-term missions trips, I (Avin) spent eighteen months in Thailand serving under the PAOC.  She worked directly with the Doves and Imagine Thailand, serving the Thai people with leadership training and relief and development work in minority areas. Her heart is to work with the lost through community development and church outreach.

Together, we are thrilled to partner with what God is doing in Cambodia. We know there is a plan far greater than we are even able to comprehend at this time, and we are looking forward to being used to serve the people of Cambodia.

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  1. That's great guys... so glad to hear things are moving forward!