Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Thailand and Impact School of Missions

Friends and family!!
Greetings from Udom Suk, Bangkok!!

How are you all doing?!! Pray you are doing well. We are already into week 3 here at the Impact School of Missions (ISM) in Bangkok. Time has flown by as we have gotten settled into SE Asian life and have been busy with ministry. Here are some of the highlights:

- Preparing and teaching classes at ISM (Avin is teaching right now!)
- leading the students in worship
- serving at a 'Night Light' Cell group and Church Service, (Night Light is a Christian ministry that reaches out to woman in the red light district, disciples them and then employs them as factory workers)
- loving on kids at a ministry that reaches out to kids from poor/dysfunctional homes in a Bangkok Slum
- exposing the students to different ethnic foods at restaurants in Bangkok! (The Indian food was unreal!!)
- Not exactly a highlight but....traveling all over Bangkok trying to solve our computer problems!!
- getting stranded at a soup shop due to a classic SE Asia thunderstorm!!
- leading the students to the 'Ancient City' last saturday!! A must do if you come to Thailand!!

School here is finished on October 5th. After spending some time visiting friends, we will head to Poipet, Cambodia to pick up my truck and things and then will head to Phnom Penh.

We are loving being back in Asia and really couldn't be here serving without you. Please, please, continue to pray for us as a couple and that Gods power would flow powerfully through us so that the name of Jesus would be glorified, an people would come to know Him!!


Joel and Avin

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