Saturday, 23 February 2013

Home in Phnom Penh

Friends and Family!

How are you all doing?  Pray you're well!! 

Here is a summary of what we've been up to here in South East Asia:
Daily life for a child in Cambodia

-  February 1st we finished teaching at the ‘Impact School of Missions’ (ISM) in Bangkok, Thailand. We had a great time leading worship, going on different outreaches and getting to know the 6 Canadian students. 
-  February 4th we were blessed to be driven to the Thai/Cambodian border by Pastor Al Purvis. We had a great time catching up with him.

-  We survived a pretty major truck crash on the National Highway as Avin and I drove towards Phnom Penh in our truck. We praise God that besides sore necks, sore backs and Avin's 4 broken toes, we escaped unharmed!  As of today we are almost 100%!  God is Good!!  Now we’re on the look out for a new truck!!
-  We are now back in Language School learning Khmai 5 days a week.

-  Avin is back helping out at ‘Sparrows Nest’ and is enjoying loving on the street kids there.

-  I just found out that I will be teaching about '1st and 2nd Corinthians' at the Cambodia Bible Institute in April.  I can’t wait to teach Cambodia’s future leaders! 

-  We are excited to be currently hosting Chad McCarthy, a PAOC Global Worker, and then Maria Gambone DeJesus, a former ISM student, at the end of February. Avin's mom and sister will be visiting us in March. 

We would really appreciate your prayers for:

- God to speak clearly to us as we look for our future church planting location
- Safety, as the roads here in Phnom Penh are pretty crazy! 
- That God would bless our relationships with our fellow missionaries and neighbors 
- That we would be disciplined to study the Khmai language faithfully
- For God's anointing and empowerment when we teach, serve and go about our daily routines
Also please pray for the Church as a whole here in Cambodia, that God would empower it with His Spirit and that Cambodians would have theirs eyes opened to truth.
God bless you guys and thanks again for standing with us and believing with us as we serve and study. 

Joel and Avin
Impact School of Missions Outreach

Joel leading worship at NightLight Ministries.

ISM Class of January 2013 

These are some amazing students! We were blessed to have been able to teach them this semester.
Our truck...

God is good! This is the wreck that we walked away from. Good-bye faithful truck!

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