Monday, 3 June 2013

Can You Believe it is June Already?!

Friends and Family!

How are you all doing?  Pray you’re all doing great. Life out here continues to be one big adventure!! Here are some high-lights and some low-lights!!
Sparrow's Nest retreat
  • Avin and myself both went to the Sparrows Nest Staff Retreat in the Province of Kep from May 10th-13th.  Avin taught about personality types (She did a great job!) and I shared a few messages and helped out with worship.  It was an incredible break from the craziness of Phnom Penh and God touched peoples hearts, praise God!!
  • May 17th to 19th I went to Khao Yai, Thailand to lead worship at the ECB Men’s Retreat.  The guest speaker was our PAOC Regional Director Peter Macintosh. He spoke about being a ‘Spirit Led Man’.
  • Just the other night a bat got lost and flew into our room as we were getting ready to go to bed! The poor thing couldn’t find the open door so Avin had the blanket over her head and I was flat on the ground as this thing flew around our room.  Eventually I got a broom and hit that thing against the wall and sent him to that bat cave in the sky!
Want a haircut for $0.75? try the temples!
  • Traffic in Phnom Penh continues to be a challenge!! Last week we couldn’t get to home group for probably the 3rd time cause the traffic was totally gridlocked for hours!!!!
Kep Province; National Park
  • ​Avin is still feeling great and is really having a seamless pregnancy!! Major Bonus!!! The baby is doing well and every time I see motion in there I am delirious!!!! It’s still kind of surreal though, even after buying a crib and a stroller!!!
We are still planning on returning to Canada on July 29th  for a few months to have the baby and to hopefully see many of you!!!

God Bless you and thanks again for all the love,

Joel and Avin

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  1. So good to hear your update. We love you guys. We are flying home to Vancouver July 29th as well :-) See yah at the airport, ja? Def. want to get together when we are all home see your babe and talk about us visiting you in the winter, k. Ralph and I have a similar bat story however we both dashed under the covers while it flew around and around our room till Ralph got the courage to stalk it in the dark. I didn't want him to go it alone so held onto his shirt tail. He grabbed a phone book and well and let's just say it was flattened against our fireplace. Pancakes for breakfast!! No, not really but it made for a fun evening.
    All our love and prayers,
    Ralph and Carrie