Monday, 12 August 2013

Back in BC - almost time for baby's arrival!

Friends and Family!

We are praying you have all been well!!!! We are feeling blessed to have arrived safely back in BC, just in time to enjoy this amazing summer you have been having here!!!!

It was a busy last few months in Phnom Penh preparing to return; wrapping up ministry, packing up the house, and getting everything as ready as we can for baby's arrival in September.

We want to keep you all updated, so please click on the link below to view our video bump and all!

God has been so great! Thank you for all your love, prayers and support!!

Hoping to see you all soon,
Cambodia Bible Institute Grad: Joel loved his year teaching!

Joel and Avin
Last day at Sparrow's Nest for Avin: what a team!!!
Political marches in Phnom Penh just before July 28th elections! Please pray for peace!

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