Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Back in Phnom Penh!

Friend and Family Members!!!

How is everyone doing?!!! We pray that God's grace is abounding in all of your lives!!  As you can see by the ‘exclamation marks’ this is Joel writing!!!!!

Riverside, Phnom Penh
We are alive and well here in SE Asia and are getting back into the swing of things!

Mya was a great little baby on the flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong and then onto Bangkok!! (Our goal was to not be the despised couple with the crying child!! Mission Accomplished!!) She has adapted well the heat here, thank you Jesus, and is ‘talking’ up a storm these days!

We stayed in the home of our good friends, Kris and Tabitha Pagan, in Sriracha, Thailand, and I taught for 2 weeks at my old Bible School, VBCI!! I taught a Pastoral Epistles course to 1st and 2nd year students from all over SE Asia, and was also able to preach  twice on a Sunday at a Thai Pentecostal Church and the Victory International church.  It was a blast!!

Uncle Teddy: Mya's first drum teacher?
On December 2nd we flew from Bangkok to Phnom Penh with a ‘plethora’ of bags, and the next day moved directly into our old apartment building but  a different room.  We’ve been getting settled in, which has included getting vehicles and appliances fixed, and have loved showing our old neighbors and friends our baby girl!
This week Avin is starting language classes with her old teacher and I will be teaching at the Cambodia Bible Institute as well studying Khmai on my own until my old teacher is available.

Bangkok post boxes
We just wanted to ask all of you to purposefully pray that God would begin speaking to people’s hearts in Poipet as we prepare to go there to preach the Gospel, and that we would find a suitable home to live in and operate a ministry out of.   Also please pray that Gods anointing would be on us everyday to be a powerful witness of Jesus love here in Cambodia!!

Enjoy the Christmas Season wherever you are and thanks again for your prayers, which make all the difference and your support! We cannot be out here without your help!! Thanks so much!!!!

Mya and mommy
Joel, Avin and Mya

Joel and Sochea making plans in Phnom Penh

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